Wife Sakshi bites Dhoni’s toes !, photo viral

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New Delhi: With the closure of cricket around the world due to coronaviruses, most players are now spending time on social media. During the lockdown, Indian cricketers have also taken to social media platforms to connect with fans. Meanwhile, Wife Sakshi bites Dhoni’s toes ! Photo of former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his wife Sakshi has gone viral on social media.

Wife Sakshi bites Dhoni’s toes .The witness posted the photo on his Instagram, in which Dhoni was asleep. Dhoni has a mobile phone in his hand. So Dhoni’s leg is in the witness’s lap. In the meantime, witnesses have been seen trying to bite Dhoni’s toes. Witness also shared a caption by sharing this photo. There have also been mixed reactions from fans to the witness’s post. Notably, the witness had earlier shared a video of the Ranchi Farm House, in which he was seen playing his daughter Jiva.

India’s captain and wicketkeeper Dhoni has not played any international and competitive cricket matches since the 2014 World Cup. So this year, Dhoni was aiming to comeback cricket through the IPL. But the IPL has been suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus. So no one knows when the IPL will happen again. According to some former cricketers, Dhoni’s return has been blocked by the suspension of the IPL.



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