Sundargarh’s daughter Archana Soreng joins UN Meteorological Advisory Group

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Bhubaneswar : Sundargarh girl Archana Soreng has brought glory to the state. Archana, along with seven others, is in the UN Meteorological Advisory Group. The UN Secretary-General tweeted in this regard.

Archana Rourkela, who works in the field of weather, is a resident. After graduating from Patna Women’s College with a degree in political science, she studied at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TIS) in Mumbai. He was the host of the Adivasi Yuva Chetna Manchar and an official of the All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF). Archana, who has been elected president of the Tiss Student Council in Mumbai, is serving as a Forest Rights Research Officer under TIS.

Along with Archana, the committee is headed by Nisrin Elsaim of Sudan, Ernest Gibson of Fiji, Vladislav Kaim of Maldives, Sophia Kiani of the United States, Nathan Methenier of France, and Paloma Costa of Brazil. Archana, a young adviser to the United Nations Meteorological Council, said he was pleased. On his Twitter account, he informed about his approach.

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