ECI voter awareness contest – “My Vote is My Future- Power of One Vote” 

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The contest has five categories; Entries accepted till March 15, 2022

Participate in the first National Voter Awareness Contest, win exciting cash prizes 

The Election Commission of India on the occasion of National Voters’ Day 2022 launched a national voter awareness contest- ‘My Vote is my Future- Power of One Vote’ to reiterate the importance of every vote through creative expression. The National Voter Awareness Contest by the Election Commission of India’s SVEEP (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation) programme taps into the talent and creativity of people, while also strengthening democracy through their active involvement. Accessible for all age groups, it aims at celebrating ideas and content curated on the theme of importance of every single vote in a democracy through crowdsourcing.

  1. THEME:   “My Vote is My Future: Power of One Vote “
  2. There are five categories of contest as part of the national level contest which includes a Quiz Contest, Slogan Contest, Song Contest, Video Making Contest and Poster Design Contest.
  1. Quiz Contest : The Quiz Contest is to engage with inquisitive minds to gauge the awareness level of participants regarding the electoral process in the country. There will be 3 levels (Easy, Intermediate & Difficult) of the contest. All participants will receive e-certificate upon the completion of all three levels of the contest.
  2. Slogan Contest :Participate in the contest and weave your words into a catchy slogan on the above theme to inspire others.
  3. Song Contest : The Song Contest is aimed at harnessing the talent and potential of creative minds through the medium of a song in any form including Classical, Contemporary, Rap, etc. Participants can create and share original compositions on the above theme. Artists & singers may use any musical instrument of their choice. The song duration must not exceed 3 minutes.
  4. Video Making Contest: Video Making Contest provides an opportunity to all camera lovers to create a video that celebrates the diversity & festivity of Indian Elections. Apart from the main theme of the contest, the following themes can also be explored by the participants: Importance of Informed & Ethical Voting (Inducement Free Voting) and Power of Vote: Depicting Importance of voting for Women, Persons with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, Young & First Time Voters. Participants shall create a video on any one of the above themes and the video shall be of one-minute duration only.

Entries for the video, song & slogan contest can be given in any official language as per the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

  1. Poster Design Contest: This contest is for art and design enthusiasts who would create thought-provoking posters on the contest theme. Participants can submit a digital poster, sketch, or hand painted poster on the theme.
  1. Contest Categories
  • Institutional Category means Educational Institutions/organizations such as schools, colleges, universities registered under relevant Central or State Government Act.
  • Professional Category means a person whose main source of livelihood is from video making/poster designing/singing or working in any form where major source of revenue is through video making/poster making/singing – is considered to be ‘Professional’. If selected, the participant shall submit a certificate to testify in the professional category.
  • Amateur Category means a person who does video making/poster designing/singing as a hobby, for creative urge, but her/his major source of revenue should be from some other means is considered as ‘Amateur’.
  1. Awards & Recognitions:

The song contest, video making contest and poster design contest are classified in three categories: Institutional, Professional and Amateur. The top three winners in each category will be awarded exciting cash prizes. Additionally, each category will have cash prizes under a special mention category. The Institutional Category will have 4 special mentions while the Professional & Amateur category will have 3 special mentions each.

  1. Song Contest


CategoryFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeSpecial Mention
Institutional 1,00,00050,00030,00015,000


  1. Video Making Contest


CategoryFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeSpecial mention
Institutional  2,00,0001,00,00075,00030,000
  1. Poster Design Contest


CategoryFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeSpecial Mention
Institutional 50,00030,00020,00010,000

         * All figures in INR

  1. Slogan Contest:

First Prize- Rs. 20,000 ; Second Prize – Rs 10,000; Third Prize- Rs 7,500.  Special mention Award of Rs 2,000 each to be given to fifty participants.

  1. Quiz Contest

The winners get exciting ECI merchandise and badges. All participants will receive e-certificate upon the completion of all three levels of the contest.

  1. Jury

The entries in different categories will be judged by a jury constituted by the Election Commission of India. No requests relating to claims of re-evaluation of the entries will be considered.

  1. How to Participate
  • The participant shall go through detailed guidelines, Terms & Conditions on the contest website .
  • The participant shall email the entries along with the details to The name of the <contest> and <category> for which the participant is applying shall be clearly mentioned in the subject of the email.
  • To participate in the Quiz Contest, the participant shall register on the contest website.

All entries shall be submitted by March 15, 2022 on the email id: along with details of the participants.




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