These 4 new deadly diseases are spreading due to physical contact, especially the youth are the victims.

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Mumbai : New diseases are emerging every day. The most deadly of these diseases is sexually transmitted diseases. Hundreds of people are infected every day. So today let’s find out four new bacterial-borne diseases that are having a detrimental effect on people’s health ….

1.Neisseria meningitidis: The Nigerian meningitis is also known as meningitis. These bacteria infect the brain and spinal cord. However, the disease is most often caused by urogenital infections. In about 5 to 10 percent of young men, the bacterium enter the body through the throat and nose. According to research, infections reach partners through oral sex and other romantic acts. A total of five types of EN7 meningitis are responsible for all sexually transmitted infections. There are currently two vaccines available for the bacteria, which can help reduce the effects of the bacteria.

  1. Mycoplasma Genitalia: Mycoplasma genitalia are one of the most subtle bacteria in the world. But sexually transmitted infections are one of the biggest diseases in the world. The disease was first reported in the 180s. About 1 to 2 percent of people are infected with the bacteria. This bacterium is the leading cause of polio in the female reproductive tract. This can lead to miscarriages, abortions, premature births, and even fetal deaths. Using condoms during intercourse does not spread the disease.
  2. Shigela Flexenary: This is also called shyglosis. It is spread directly or indirectly due to human contact with feces. The infection can cause severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. According to scientists, the disease is spread by oral sex and anal sex. Most people have the disease.
  3. .Lymphonguloma Venus (LGV) The STTI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), which is caused by clomidia trachomatosis, can cause serious infections. LHGV infections can cause temporary acne and ulcers in the genitals. The bacteria then infect the body’s lymphatic system. This causes the small intestine to swell in the rectum, which can be very painful. The disease has been on the rise in Europe and North America for the past decade. This is especially true for bisexuals and gays.


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