Travel History of the state’s youngest corona victim came to light

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Bhubaneswar: Travel History of the state’s youngest corona victim came to light to day .  journey of the state’s youngest Corana  victim have come to light. The state government’s information and public relations department tweeted this. The baby girl, corona, was positively identified from the Rigidi area of ​​Bhampura in Baleshwar district, who was suffering from cough and cold.
The state’s 9th coronary heart disease was diagnosed on April 6 with a cold. The family then took the group to the local Brahmapura group health center for a health check-up on April 4. However, the group went to the health center again on the 17th because of the cold. On April 14, the baby girl’s self-esteem was positive. He was later admitted to Ashwini Kovid Hospital in Cuttack.

In addition, the state government has provided information on the visit details of the No. 7 corona victims. A 70-year-old man from Bishra area of ​​Sundargarh district came in contact with a neighbor, Karona. He was at his home in the Gudgundyor area from March 21 to 24. Between March 24 and March 31, he went to buy medicine at the Nala Rhodes Hospital near Rourkela’s plant site. He was staying at his home in Gudgundio from April 1 to 16. He was transferred to Rourkela High-Tech Cove Hospital on April 20 after being positively identified.


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