Farmers Can Sell Vegetable Online During Lockdown in Odisha

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Bhubaneswar:  Farmers Can Sell Vegetable Online During Lockdown in Odisha, state agriculture department decide today. Farmers are facing various problems during the ongoing lockdown to combat corona. This is why images from all corners of the state are coming to the fore every day. To address this, the government has launched a series of online sales of family products. He has launched the website under the supervision of the state agriculture minister to sell the hard-earned labor of vegetables and fruit growers. 

As a result, the district level officials of the horticulture departments of the 30 districts of the state will show the remaining produce of his district on the website, which will be available to the concerned traders and they will be able to contact the departmental district level authorities.

Farmers Can Sell Vegetable Online During Lockdown

So far, the website has a list of more than 1,500 traders. Farmers in the state can inform traders about the status of the remaining goods through SMS to inform traders. “Our department is always working to address the problems facing farmers during the lockdown,” he said

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