Be careful! Tears can be cause Of COVID-19 Infestation : American scientists

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NEW DELHI: Tears can be cause Of COVID-19 Infestation . The coronavirus can also reach the body through the eyes and the risk of viral infections in tears is high, U.S. scientists claim. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University, a leading research institute in the United States, claim that with the help of an enzyme receptor called ACE-2, the corona virus can enter the body’s cells through the eyes.

New research shows that the eyes produce ACE-2 receptors, such as the lungs, respiratory system, and other organs. With this, the corona’s Sars-CoV-2 can reach the body. If the infected person’s cough or sputum droplets or particles reach the eyes of another person, there is a risk of coronary heart disease.

Corona can cause eye disease

According to research reports, Covid-19 can also cause eye diseases. This symptom is found in 30 percent of patients. Symptoms include swelling of the eyes and redness. The corona virus can also reach the eye through respiration, making the disease even more dangerous.

High risk for high blood pressure and diabetes

According to the researchers, in patients with diabetes and high blood pressure, the ACE-2 receptor is more effective than in healthy people. So they are also more likely to be infected. Studies have also shown that smokers have a higher incidence of coronary heart disease.

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