Police lodged FIR against fake callers of corona 104 toll free number

police register case against  38 people

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Bhubaneswar:Police lodged FIR against fake callers of corona 104 toll free number  . Those called 104 for say “I Love You”  Many fake caller call  to   COVID-19  toll-free number 104  say “I Love You”.  Bhubaneswar’s Shahid Nagar police station today lodged a complaint against women for answering various questions from the general public in toll-free number 104.

There was even a case where a man called 104 and asked for the name of the employee who picked up the call. Another man called and said, “We’ve got a corona, a whole mess … l Then the person in charge said, ‘I love you … I love you.’ Similarly, another man called and said, “Hello, Madam, there is a problem. I was sneezing a lot when I was sneezing.”


However, 38 people who made obscene phone calls have been charged by the Jikija Health Care, which is in charge of managing the toll-free number. This is provided with the full details of the number from which the number of obscene phone calls came from. While the toll-free number is working to provide assistance to the general public in times of disaster, such as corona, it is demanded that stern action be taken against those accused of intentionally harassing them by making obscene phone calls for no reason. Police are also investigating


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