India Government will adopt the Hong Kong model for Covid-19 Fight

wristband will be tied to the hands of the people

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New Delhi: India Government will adopt the Hong Kong model  for Covid-19 Fight, wristband will be tied to the hands of the people. central government is set to adopt a Hong Kong model amid ongoing decisive battles in India against epidemic corona. The government, like Hong Kong, plans to keep surveillance bands in place and monitor their movements.

One company has also been ordered to create millions of wristbands. The location of the coronary artery, the body temperature, and their contact tracking can be monitored by this wristband.

The main goal of the Restbands project is to track the movements of people in quarantine, health care providers treating patients, and those providing the necessary services. India is currently enforcing the world’s largest lockdown law.

This period is coming to an end on the 3rd of next month. Then the government is going to take such measures to prevent infections and train their contacts. In India, more than 20,000 people have been infected with coronary heart disease so far, killing 652 people.


The number is expected to rise after the lockdown. To prevent this, the government is going to adopt the Hong Kong model. Such wristbands were implemented to track foreign return in Hong Kong and monitor their movements.

The government-owned Broadcast Engineering Consultants India will create the surveillance restband. The hospital and the state government will be given the design of the wristband next week. Then its construction will begin.

George Kuruvilla, chairman of the company, said construction of the wristband would be completed in May. It has data collection through the app. Restbands can monitor the movements and body temperature of quarantined patients in both homes and hospitals.

If patients move out of their quarantine zone, it will send a warning to public health officials. The device will also have an emergency button that patients can use to help. While the health care provider provides emergency services, the rest band will inform them of the most sensitive areas and people who come in contact with the infected person.

The wristband can also be used to determine which areas an infected person has traveled to and from. If a person is wearing this wristband, it will also be known who is infected around him or her

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