lockdown period can be extended to May 18 !

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Mumbai: Nationwide lockdown period due to the coronavirus is coming to an end on May 3. lockdown period can be extended to May 18 in  Mumbai and Pune, Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said. He said on Saturday that the closure period could be extended to May 18 as the closure-19 infections have not yet been reduced in Mumbai and Pune. He said the decision could be taken as the number of positives in the slum areas of Mumbai and Pune is on the rise. The lockdown may be May 3 for the Content Zone. However, he opined that the May 3 lockdown period could be changed for the whole of Mumbai and Pune.

lockdown period can be extended to May 18

Maharashtra now has 512 content zones. Similarly, the number of infected people in Maharashtra has exceeded 6,000, while there are now 1,19,161 in quarantine. In addition, 301 people have been killed in Maharashtra due to the corona infection. The state government is said to be taking such a decision as the state of Maharashtra is in a precarious position in the corona infection tetra in the country.

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