lock-down : son could not reached his fathers Funeral,  wife set her husband on fire !

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Lucknow: The country is now in lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronic virus. The government has announced a 21-day lockdown. However, many problems are also facing due to the lockdown. UP is one of the most talked about social problems in the country.  mother was forced to return home after her son’s anesthesia was canceled.

Santosh Jaiswal, a resident of Baburi area of ​​Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh, died of a heart attack at the district hospital. The boys outside couldn’t even hear the news of their father’s death because of the lock down. It was impossible for other loved ones to come. However, the wife of the deceased Santosh, Gudia, was busy with the funeral. With the help of the villagers, she cremated her husband at Lord Abhadhut Ramghat in the local Padwa. Now it is going viral on social media.

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