Increasing Temperature reduces COVID-19 Infection : NIRI

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Pune: Increasing Temperature reduces COVID-19 Infection . While global alternatives are being considered to combat the epidemic Covid-19, new findings are also emerging from the actual data available about its infection. Researchers at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NIRI) in Nagpur have recently found that 85 per cent of coronary infections are correlated with temperature. They claim that rising temperatures can reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. They have come to this conclusion by analyzing the available data on Covid-19 in Maharashtra and Karnataka states, including the average daily temperature and selected cities in the country over time.

Increasing Temperature reduces COVID-19 Infection

Such a conclusion is drawn from a mathematical model designed by Covidi-19 on behalf of the Niri, a subsidiary of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CS4IR), an organization that conducts industrial and scientific research in the country. Researchers at Niri have been able to draw such new conclusions based on data from the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 data and temperature data from the Indian Meteorological Department. Such an innovative estimate has been made by comparing the Covid-19 data with the average daytime temperature and humidity of the changing day. According to Hemant Virwani, a Niri scientist, as the daytime temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius, the number of Covid-19 infections is declining. Thus, India’s warm climate is likely to put an unexpected barrier to Covid-19 infections. However, Mr. Virwani acknowledged that social distance has become more effective among the people than environmental benefits such as increased temperatures and humidity in the Indian climate to prevent coronary heart disease. So it would not be right for us to focus only on temperature and humidity to get the most out of the ongoing fight against Corona. He noted that while COVID-19 was highly contagious, in a populous country like India, the effects of temperature and humidity alone had no effect on social distance.

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