five top causes of corona death have been identified

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New Delhi :  Corona infection headache for  all world. However, five top causes of corona death have been identified. “People who spend more time outside are more likely to develop corona disease,” said the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Among the world’s most deadly corona deaths, 68 percent are men. This is because men usually spend more time outside, according to the report. Similarly, the death rate of adults has also increased due to coronary infections. Fifty-five percent of adults have died of infection. As you grow older, you may experience more physical problems.

Respiratory problems are also more common in adults. Similarly, the death of the corona-infected person, who suffers from liver-kidney problems, etc., is more common in the respiratory department of the Imperial College in London. Feng Chung informed. Similarly, the death toll from obesity is high. The death toll is high in the United Kingdom. The death toll is also high in people with low levels of immunity, the report said.


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