CBSE board answer Book evaluation work done by examiners at home from May 10

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New Delhi: CBSE board answer Book evaluation work done by examiners at home from May 10 . CBSE examination answerpaper assessment will resume from tomorrow (May 10) and CBSE board examiners will be able to assess the CBSE board examination account from their respective homes. The announcement was made on Saturday evening by Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Nish’s Pokharial Twitter. He said about 1.5 crore CBSE board exam accounts from about 3,000 test centers in India would reach the board examiners’ homes, after which they would begin the verification process.

Upon completion of the examination account assessment, the officers will come and collect the examination account from the board examiner’s house to bring it back to the board examination center. The Minister of Human Resource Development thanked the Home Ministry for allowing this in Lockdown. That way, students will be able to get CBSE board exam results in 2020. “The entire process of assessing the CBSE test account should be completed within 50 days,” Pokharial said.

According to sources, the Human Resource Development Minister announced on Twitter on Friday that the remaining CBSE board exams will be held in Class XII (all over India) and Class X (only those students whose exams have been postponed due to North Delhi violence) from July 1 to July 15.

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