Why COVID-19 Positive number increasing in Jajpur , said Health Secretary Nikunj Dhal

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Bhubaneswar: Why COVID-19 Positive number increasing in Jajpur . In the last 45 days, 47 coronary cases have been reported in Bhubaneswar. The first coronary heart disease was diagnosed in the state capital on March 15, while the 47th coronary heart disease was diagnosed on April 29. In Jajpur district, 48 cases of coronary heart disease have been reported in just 30 days. The first coronary heart disease was reported on April 3 in Brahmavarda under the Rasulpul block of the district. Just 48 months later, the 48th coroner was identified from the Bari block of the district. So what could be the reason for the record number of coronary positives to be detected in Jajpur district in such a short period of time as the state government is in the midst of extensive preparations for the coronation? Health Secretary Nikunj Dhal gave a detailed account of this.

Why COVID-19 Positive number increasing in Jajpur

“Everyone is a warrior in the Karona fight,” he said. All soldiers need the cooperation to win the war. But if the warriors are irresponsible, it will be difficult to win the war. That is what happened in Jajpur. People did not obey the quarantine law. “The rescue squad wasn’t called for him,” she told the Associated Press.
Twenty-one corona positives have been identified from Katikata village in Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district. It has the highest content zone in the state. Infections have risen sharply in the region, with many returning to West Bengal. People did not follow the content zone rules. Did not cooperate with the local administration and the police. Similarly the local public was not careful. As a result, the number of corona victims in Katikata is on the rise today. If Sebane had complied with the quarantine law, the situation would not have been as it is today.
Health Secretary Nikunj Dhal said the first corona positive in the state was identified on March 15. As of yesterday, it was 156. But by 4 a.m. today, 156 people had been identified. The number of coronary cases in the state has risen to 157 after another positive was identified. The government has identified Baleshwar, Bhadrak and Jajpur districts as red zones. We have identified content zones in all these districts. “I have said before that Bhubaneswar is safe,” he said. Now, in Bhubaneswar, only one positive has been detected in 15 days. So where we are getting positive is the content zone. Where positive people are being identified, samples are being collected from those who come in contact with them. In addition, we are conducting passive surveillance across the state. In most districts, Anganwadi hope workers go door-to-door to collect information on people with symptoms of fever, cough, sneezing and so on. But despite all this, the number of people suffering from corona in the state is increasing.

The Chief Secretary has already given instructions on how to quarantine in rural and urban areas. Therefore, quarantine can be avoided by observing the rules and observing social distance. Always use a mask. Don’t share your clothes, bed sheets, plates, glasses, tea cups with others. It can also prevent infection.

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