Public transport resume soon with specific guidelines : Nitin Gadkari

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NEW DELHI: Public transport resume soon with specific guidelines  .   Public transport, which has been shut down since the first lockdown was announced on March 24, may soon be operational, Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday. He also reassured carriers. Public transport will soon be operational with some guidelines. Minister Nitin Gadkari opined that the transport system and traffic on the highways would help boost public confidence.

He warned that all safety measures should be taken to maintain social distance, wash hands, sanitizers, face masks, etc. during bus and car traffic. It is learned that all these issues were discussed by the Minister while addressing the members of the Confederation of Bus and Car Operators of India through video conferencing.
Gadkari believes that the country and its industry will work together to win the war against both coronaviruses and economic slowdown. The members of the confederation made some suggestions to strengthen the status of public transport, including interest rate waivers, resumption of public transport, increase in vehicle fitness limits, suspension of state taxes, increase in MSME facilities, insurance policy validity, and so on.

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