Pooja Hegde tips : how  to looking  beautiful

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Mumbai :  Pooja Hegde is not a popular figure in the modeling world. but also has acted in Telugu and Hindi films.

But you will not believe that despite being a model, worship prioritizes home remedies and uses natural things to care for her beauty and skin.

Everyone wants such bright and shiny skin. Every girl’s dream. But very few girls are aware of how to get and maintain such skin. In such a situation, it is important that we know from the puja what is his glitter and what is the secret of such spotless skin …. ??

1 – Pooja says that my first attempt to keep my skin healthy and shiny is to keep my skin clean at all times. Also, the lack of nutrients in my skin has never stopped.

2-I take full care to clean the makeup completely before going to bed at night. After removing the makeup, I use a good face wash according to my skin.

  1. Green-tea-based face wash is great for my skin, so I choose to wash the same face.

4-Pollution also causes a lot of damage to the skin of girls living in cities. In that case, we need to keep in mind that our skin pores are always clean. Because through them our skin breathes. Therefore, hair follicles need to be cleaned. To do this, clean the skin regularly

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