No mask  No fuel: new rules for the whole country

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New Delhi: The coronavirus is on the rise across the country. Special measures are also being taken at petrol pumps in view of the situation. The “no mask, no fuel” strategy is being adopted in view of the safety of the staff and the general public working at the petrol pump. This means that people who go to refuel or diesel are required to wear a mask. Whoever does not wear a mask will not be given oil.

No petrol-diesel if  no mask

The All India Petroleum Dealers Association has made such a decision amid the Kovid 19crisis. The association has decided that if any customer comes to the gas station without a mask, he will not be given oil.

The decision was made by the Petroleum Dealers Association

Petroleum dealers in the capital, Delhi, are following the “No Mask, No Fuel” rule adopted by the All India Petroleum Dealers Association. The same is being done at the Indian Oil petrol pump in Phase 1 of Mayurbh Bihar in New Delhi. Customers who come without a mask are not given petrol-diesel. The rule will be in effect until the end of the Covida 19 epidemic.

Apply all over the country

Ajay Bansal, president of the Petroleum Dealers Association, said “No Mask, No Fuel”  decision was taken in view of the safety of staff working at petrol pumps. It will also apply across the country. “Customers who do not wear masks at all petrol pumps across the country will not be given oil,” he said. Emergency services during the lockdown include petrol pumps.

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