New symptoms of covid-19 infection in children : Covid Toss

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New Delhi: Dermatologists in Europe and the United States have found a new symptom of Covid-19  infection in children and adolescents. The symptoms are inflammation of the toes and toes and appear pale.

Some Italian dermatologists noticed this in children infected with the coronavirus last March. The swollen toes of the children concerned were all visible, as parts of the body were reddened due to excessive hemorrhage. However, these children did not show any signs of coronavirus.


Dermatologists call it “Covid Toss” or “Covid Foot.” According to doctors, the process of clotting the blood clots in the human body due to covidium infections. So inflammation of the fingers may be due to blockage in the small blood vessels.
Now in Boston, USA, the same symptoms are found in children and young people infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, U.S. doctors are recommending testing for coronavirus in children with Covid Toss.

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