Find out how actress Deepika Padukone lives fit

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Mumbai : Celebrities are usually aware of their health. Hear find out how actress Deepika Padukone lives fit Because in the world of glamor, the most important thing is to keep your eyes closed. Most people are curious about the lifestyle of a celebrity.

So many questions about what he eats and how he lives. One such celebrity is Deepika Padukone. “She is OK.
Let’s find out a little bit about Deepika Padukone, who eats 4 times a day. The actress begins her day with a cup of hot water and honey. When she wakes up in the morning, Deepika takes a teaspoon of lemon juice with some honey in a cup of hot water.
Then, at breakfast, take 2 egg whites + 2 almonds + one cup of low-melted milk or 2 egg whites + 2 idyllic / plane dosa / parsley.

Find out how actress Deepika Padukone lives fit

Similarly, before launch, Deepika eats a bowl of fruit. Simple lunch items such as pulses, bread, vegetables, salads and yogurt are available at the launch. Sometimes the fish is fried at lunch for protein filling.

Filtered coffee, nuts and fruit with snacks in the evening. Dinner, bread, green salad, fruit, pudding water or fresh fruit juice. At the end of the meal, the actress takes some dark chocolate.

Find out how actress Deepika Padukone lives fit

Deepika’s diet also changes with her upcoming film. Surprisingly, Deepika and her husband, actor Ranbir Singh, who pay special attention to food for their health, spend around Rs 1 lakh a day on food.

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