Essential drug available in Odisha for five months to combat corona

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Bhubaneswar: The state government is making efforts to provide adequate quantities of medicines and medical equipment to the doctors in the state to cope with Covid 19. Mrs. Yamini Sadangi, Chairman, Odisha State Pharmaceutical Corporation, gave a detailed account of what steps have been taken by the corporation. Ms Sandangi said steps had been taken since January to address Covid’s 19. ARTPCI machines, Bosefety cabinet, BSL2 plus lab have been brought in for corona testing.

Similarly, while the ICU ventilator is currently operational, 442 orders have been issued, of which 57 have already arrived. Other orders will be available within the next 6 weeks Oxygen Concentrates has 1,004 active units and 10,000 orders, of which 586 have already arrived. Nebulizer has received 7700 orders, while 7,200 have already arrived Ms. Sadangi said those who do not need an ICU but need oxygen need oxygen concentrators and nebulizers.

Similarly, the state has informed that there is an urgent need for medicines for 5 months So as the state government has ordered the stockpile to be stockpiled for an additional six months, the stockpile will be brought in by May, Ms Sadangi said.

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