Dogs will look for corona patients !

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New Delhi: Dogs will look for corona patients .  death toll from the coronavirus is on the rise around the world. Despite many attempts, the infection did not stop. Thousands of corona patients are being diagnosed every day. For scientists and doctors, these people are the cause of the problem, those who do not show coronary symptoms but have a Covid-19 positive in their tests.

A new effort is now being made to identify such patients with COVID-16. Dogs are being trained to find people who have symptoms of infection. These dogs will detect coronary arteries by their own odor. According to the English newspaper Washington Post, the Labrador Retriever Bride’s dog is being given special training.

Dogs helping the police in crime cases will now also help doctors, which will be the first case. A dog training team has been assigned to a research team at the University of Pennsylvania. It is also known that these dogs will be used at railway stations, airport markets and in crowded places, where patients have difficulty identifying.
“If these dogs succeed in finding the corona patient, it will be a huge success and will make it easier to identify patients,” said the research team. It is known that dogs can easily identify patients with malaria and cancer. Therefore, it is hoped that as long as the vaccine is not available, it will be helpful.

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