Corona in Odisha : 3 recovered and one positive identified

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Bhubaneswar: The news of the epidemic has brought relief to corona. Three more coroners recovered and returned. The three who recovered are said to be from Bhubaneswar. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.
This was tweeted by the Department of Information and Public Relations. So far, 24 people have recovered, while the number of victims has risen to 61.

As of midnight yesterday, 8,418 samples had been reported. It contained 61 test reports. The number of positive people in the state is 0.4. So far, 24 people have returned home from the hospital. One person died and the remaining 34 corona patients are now being treated at various Covid hospitals in the state.
It is safe to say that the number of cases of coronary heart disease in the country has risen sharply. However, 7 days after the first phase, i.e. from April 1, the number of coronary heart disease cases has dropped by 40 percent. Earlier, the number of victims was average, according to the Union Ministry of Health on Friday. The country is now adhering to social distance and the corona protocol, with the number of victims less than before, according to the Ministry of Health.

The government has declared a hotspot to identify the hotspots, especially after more than one of the affected areas was identified, said Lob Agrawal, joint secretary in the health ministry. Since April 1, the number of coronary heart disease cases has risen by 1.2 percent. From March 15 to 31, the rate was 2.1. That means the number of infected people has dropped by 40 percent, the secretary said.

The rate of discharge from hospitals is also rising compared to the number of victims. Kerala had the highest number of 245 cases on Thursday this week, with 186 in Telangana, 180 in Tamil Nadu, and 18 in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. However, the recovery rate in Delhi is low. Of the 1,640 victims, only 51, or 3 percent, recovered on Thursday. The high number of victims in Delhi is said to be a religious gathering of the Tablighi Jamaat. Which took place in the third week of March. At the time, the country was also declared a lockdown to prevent coronary heart disease.

“Now the coronation rate and death toll in Corona is 80:20 per 100 people,” Agrawal said. So far, 14,378 people have been infected with coronary heart disease, while 480 have died.

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