Connected to Tabligi Jamat Corona of 30 per cent in the country due to case : Health Ministry told

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New Delhi: The number of infected patients in the country now reached across the two thousand. While, 62 people have died. Though 183 people from epidemic war. According to sources, the ultimate covid 19 cases in India at the end of April and may come in the first week. Though hope is that of India like other countries in Europe or number not likely to very high.

The Joint Secretary of Home Ministry Maundy Salila Srivastava told that about 22,000 affiliate community of the workers and their contacts has been kept in Courantyne from trying on a large scale. Health Ministry told that due to connected to Tabligi Jamat Corona in the country 30 per cent of the case. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health Pallava Aggarwal told that so far 19 of #COVID 2,902 cases in India. 1.5 till now 601 cases came from tomorrow. There are 12 people yesterday deaths, total number of deaths 68.

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