Chief Minister’s big announcement : family of Covid warriors who died during Covid duty will get Rs 5 lakh assistance

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Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today reviewed the covid-19 situation in the state. The Chief Minister announced that Rs 50 lakh would be given to the closest relatives of the Kovid warriors who died on Covid duty. The Chief Minister has announced that the assistance will be available to the nearest relatives of the staff and representatives of the people (Sarpanch and other representatives) engaged in the Covid war.

Similarly, the nearest relatives of Anganwadi and Ashakarmi workers who died during the covid-19 duty will receive Rs 7,500 and Rs 5,000 per month, respectively. The Chief Minister said that if the dead Anganwadi and Asha workers were alive and they were 60 years old, the assistance would be given to their families. The Chief Minister directed the administration to take immediate steps so that the families of the warriors could get immediate assistance in the event of such a tragedy.
The Chief Minister has directed that non-covid patients in the state not get proper treatment in various hospitals, so that there is no slightest negligence in their treatment. He also suggested strengthening the ambulance network in the state. “Our priority is to save the lives of patients,” he said. “All our steps should be focused on this,” he said.
The Chief Minister said that the preparation of the administration and the construction of various health infrastructure in the management of covid have played an important role in controlling the epidemic. The state government has taken steps to treat small and medium-sized covid patients with serious health problems at their homes. This is true in both urban and rural areas. “It will help patients recover faster in the home environment and reduce the pressure on hospitals,” he said. In addition, the Chief Minister advised to provide the necessary medical care to the patients being treated at home and to pay special attention to monitoring their health condition. As the funeral of the patients dying in Covid was a sensitive issue, the Chief Minister also highlighted the government’s new guidelines for funeral services with respect to both emotional and religious beliefs.

The Chief Minister advised Covid supervisors and senior officials to collect feedback from the patients so that they could receive quality services from the patients being treated in various hospitals and care centers.

Today, district supervisors briefed the chief minister on the situation in Anugul, Dhenkanal, Devgarh, Kendujhar, Mayurbhanj, Balangir, Bargarh and Nuapada districts. Observers also made some proposals to make covid management more efficient and effective in these districts. The Chief Minister has directed the Chief Secretary to consider the proposals.

The meeting was attended by the Chief Secretary, Chief Adviser to the Chief Minister’s Office, the Additional Chief Secretary to the Development Commission, the Additional Chief Secretary to the Department of Health, the Additional Chief Secretary to the Special Relief Commission, the Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister (5) and the Chief Secretaries and Secretaries of various departments.

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