Before the Trump administration imposed travel ban, 6 lakh passengers arrived to United States from China

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New York: The United States is the world’s most powerful nation. As of Sunday, the total number of infected people in the United States had risen to 3,11,000, while the death toll had risen to 456. The situation is getting worse day by day. Experts say the U.S. government has suffered some setbacks.

Flights from China to the United States continued even after the Chinese government announced the coronavirus in January. As many as 630,000 people from China and the United States have arrived in the United States since the Trump administration shut down flights. Thousands of them came from Wuhan, the source of the coronavirus. As a result, the number of infections in the United States has risen sharply. About 1,300 flights from China arrived in 18 U.S. cities before the travel ban was introduced. Thousands of people from China have been infected, but U.S. airports have not tightened their thermal control. Even passengers from China were not checked. Because of all this negligence, the United States is now in great danger.

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