Couples are closer because of lockdowns, online condom sales rise

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Mumbai : Although normal life has been affected by the coronavirus, it has been a gift to some. On the one hand, people are complaining that they can’t get out of the house because of the corona, while on the other hand, this time has proved quite enjoyable for the couple. People are said to be ordering more condoms because they live at home.

“Everyone is being held at home because of the lockdown. People are now sitting at home 24 hours a day because they can’t go out and spend time with friends. So people who couldn’t give time to wives and girlfriends in the past are now showing interest in them. As a result, many couples now order condoms and birth control pills, according to e-commerce sites. These two things are being ordered in large quantities.

The global economic downturn continues as the corona virus affects. But the condom company is now reported to be in a trance. “By 2033, the company that makes condoms and contraceptive pills will benefit,” he joked.

In addition, e-commerce companies are now selling the most masks online. A South Delhi businessman who ordered people to order chloroquine and vitamin C said the mask was out of stock. “People are staying at home during this epidemic,” he said.

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