Corona Update : West Bengal link raised concerns for Odisha

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Bhubaneswar: Ten of the 13 corona victims identified in the last 24 hours have West Bengal links. Five from Bhadrak and five from Jajpur have returned from the newly affected West Bengal. They were working as laborers in the big market area of ​​Howrah. State government spokesperson Subrata Bagchi also gave important information about the West Bengal link. One-third of the 74 people identified in the state so far have returned to West Bengal, he said.

According to the Jajpur district magistrate, the newcomer from Bhadrak, Karona, was on his way out of a Maruti van from the Howrah Badbazar area at 9 pm on the 19th. He was accompanied by four others from Jajpur. A man from Bhadrak, who did not know their identities, said they were working as laborers.

So the administration is now confused as to whether these are the five victims identified from Jajpur who came in contact with them. Efforts have been made to locate the unknown strangers involved. The Jajpur district commissioner has requested the public to cooperate.

The state government is worried about the return of West Bengal. Those who have returned to Odisha within 28 days are requested to inform themselves. The government has advised the video, the tehsildar and the sarpanch to stay on the quarantine.

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