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Bhubaneswar: Strict action taken in the village For Abstracts. There is no impediment to the functioning of all economic activities except the content zone. The state government has approved agricultural, small-scale and construction projects. Of course, there are some restrictions on construction work in the urban areas of the Red Zone. But there are no such cuts in the Green and Orange zones. On the other hand, the government has allowed buses to run within the Green Zone. Bus services are allowed for the convenience of workers. Therefore, Special Relief Commissioner Pradeep Kumar Jena has suggested that economic work be carried out in the state.
Efforts are being made at the government level to start economic activities in rural areas in the Red Zone, but work in rural areas is not normally possible. This is because of the illegal construction of barricades in rural areas of the state. Fearful of the corona, people in the countryside are building fences at will and preventing anyone from entering the village. This is completely illegal. It is not right to stop workers from entering by barricades. Workers can move from one district to another. So contractors can take workers by specific vehicles. If necessary, district commissioners will provide vehicles for workers. “If there is an interruption in the work of the workers, they will be punished according to the law.” Skilled workers can be brought in from outside the state with the consent of the two states. Workers can go from one district to another for agricultural work. The government has enough fertilizer for the kharif crop. Workers do not need to be allowed to move from one place to another. “The state government has urged the people of the country not to impose such an illegal barricade,” SRC Pradeep Jena told a news conference today.

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