Center allowed construction of chariot, Car festival decision leaving to state government

 rath yatra decision was left to the state government

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Bhubaneswar: Center allowed construction of chariot . May the chariot of Jagannath Mahaprabhu be built! Because nothing can be done without his will. Even the coronavirus cannot stand in the way of the will of the Lord. The construction of the Lord’s chariot will not stop despite the plague. The central government today allowed this.

With the permission of the central government, the road to the chariot has now been cleared. The central government has also left the decision to the state government. Earlier, a decision on the construction of the chariot had been handed over to the state government by the management committee of the temple, but the state government had left the decision to the central government.

Center allowed construction of chariot
Now the Union Home Ministry has approved the construction of the chariot. So the chariot can be built by following all the necessary guidelines in view of the corona epidemic. So there can be no religious program in the chariot race. The Home Ministry said in a letter to the state chief minister that people could not gather and watch the chariot work.

The state government can also decide on the procession. The state government will decide on the rath yatra depending on the situation at the time, the ministry said.
There has been a statewide outcry after Bishwakarma and services feared that the chariot could not be built this year after delays in chariot construction.

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