50 million people in the world will be made poor due to the corona epidemic : Oxfam

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Paris: Various international organizations have warned that the global economy is facing another major catastrophe, such as the Great Depression of the 1930s, due to the corona epidemic.

According to Oxfam, an international volunteer organization, poverty will increase in the world for the first time since 1990 due to the corona epidemic. About 50 crore to 92 crore people will fall below the poverty line. Millions of people will be unemployed. Even some countries will become poor again. According to the organization, about 92 crore people around the world could face poverty and hunger in the event of a serious crisis. The number of people living at just $ 5.5 a day is expected to increase to about 400 billion. In that case, women will be more likely to be harmed than men. Because in most cases women work in the unorganized sector. Oxfam said countries around the world need to come together to deal with the crisis.

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